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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Some games to look forward to in 2010...

Epic Mickey is the upcoming Wii platformer being developed by Warren Spector, the creator of the highly-rated year 2000 PC game Deus Ex. Below is a long clip of Spector explaining some things about the game. As anyone who reads my film blog will know, I am a fan of classic Disney animations. This game just looks awesome from that perspective as it has so much loving detail. Please take the time to check it out if you have any interest in Disney, animation history or platform games. It looks like 2010 may see a real novelty in the form of a decent third-party Wii game.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 needs no introduction here: its predecessor is easily the best game on the Wii and one of my favourite games of the last decade. Needless to say, I can't wait for this new entry into the series, which represents the first time Nintendo have released more than one 3D Mario game on the same console.

Alpha Protocol has been delayed a number of times since it was revealed a couple of years ago, but I am still excited by Obsidian's RPG/Spy shooter. Obsidian have a close relationship with the great BioWare and developed the sequel to Knights of the Old Republic back in 2004, so this game, based on the Mass Effect engine, should be pretty good when it eventually comes out later this year on 360,PS3 and PC.

Finally, Red Dead Redemption, a Western-era Grand Theft Auto clone from Rockstar, looks simply awesome and should be out within the next couple of months. I can't wait for this one which looks to bring a good Western-movie-style atmosphere to the PS3 and 360. A Wild West GTA game is an exciting prospect.


  1. Interesting to me at least is that the most exciting game mentioned here is a Wii exclusive (Epic Mickey). It's a shame though as I think it would benefit massively from the visual power of the other two machines AND both of the other machines are introducing Wii style control mechanics of their own. In the video Warren said they have chosen the Wii to hit a larger audience. Well surely all three consoles is the largest audience of all?

  2. I know what you mean. I guess a Wii version of a 360/PS3 game would suffer from not being made from the ground-up for the Wii and the others would suffer because they would probably also not be taking full advantage of the others consoles hardware.
    I fully expect this game to get well reviewed and sell 2 copies. However, I could see mums buying it because they know who Mickey Mouse is and kids wanting it because they recognise the character too. I guess it comes down to whether or not they put any advertising muscle behind it. If Nintendo bombard the ad breaks with ads for "everybody let's do crosswords" or something, then people come into shops and ask for it. However too many games ('Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing', as a recent example) aren't reaching anything like their potential because no one has been told about them.
    I can understand Warren Spector thinking that a Wii exclusive might benefit from being a console exclusive and also why a similar exclusive on 360 would be ignored (like Viva Pinata or Banjo Kazooie). The thing is: most Wii games aren't about blowing things up. So maybe the Wii will be a good fit.
    I guess the cop-out thing to say is: let's wait and see. I hope it does well though. There seems to be so much care and attention to detail going into this game.

  3. I'm looking forward to one day having money. Red Dead Redemption? That sounds like the game I wanted at the age of 12. Finally someone got around to making it. Probably nobody finer for a GTA-style game than Rockstar, too, of course. I know it's a lot too ask, but I'd want to play a marshall. And I'd want outlaws to say "Where are ya, Marshall?"

    Thinking back, perhaps the character you play isn't a marshall of the law, but is in fact simply called Marshall.