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Friday, 5 February 2010

American age rating body calls new Dead or Alive game "creepy"...

I am posting this up as it relates to an article I wrote a short while ago about video games and sex and the tastelessness of it all. Basically the ESRB, who rate video games for violence and sexual content in North America have branded the latest Dead or Alive swimsuit simulator as "creepy voyeurism". For more details check out the full story at Eurogamer or simply become a creepy voyeur youself by watching the trailer for the game in question.

I'm sure this is an issue that will run and run on this blog.


  1. Dead or Alive is to gaming as Carry On is to film. All double entendre have simply become single entendre. Once there was some pretence that the game wasn't about the girls, even as the pixels got smaller and the shapes become curvier. "Oo er, Mrs Nice pear." Has given way to "Oo er, Mrs Nice pair."

    What's interesting about this though is its taken the removal of the second meaning to cause a stir. Lara Croft for years has been gunning around forests killing wild dogs in a pair of flimsy shorts. Part 3rd person action adventurer and part pin up. When I last looked she'd stopped wearing gear you might conceivably have been convinced was credible jungle wear and was instead wafting about skyscrapers in a flimsy nightie. Which let's face it when your abseiling between buildings you need lightweight comfort clothing. Anything else would just be a drag.

    So watching Lara's bum as she hurdles over ravines (while bemoaning the fact you rarely get to see her from the front) wasn't creepy voyeurism?

  2. I think now that the point is to look at the chicks it has been elevated to creepy. I don't think anyone bought Tomb Raider explicitly to ogle at her virtual lovelies.

  3. Certainly they occupied enough column inches, personal appearances and boyish giggling to suggest otherwise. Then of course there's the movies and the casting of a suitable busty women to bring Lara to life. More boyish sniggers.

    Lara was one of the first 3D puzzle adventures, so there was more to it then virtual lovelies. More than just two things, perhaps.